Earth Day Celebrations in SF

Written by Nick Andre

Thousands turned out for San Francisco’s Earth Day celebrations this past Saturday. Fittingly, the festival was held at Civic Center Plaza, part of San Francisco’s Civic Center Sustainability District. The plaza’s lights are 100% off the grid, powered by attached solar panels and wind turbines. The event featured eco-friendly products, great food, music, guest speakers, and a showcase of various green initiatives.

A noteworthy sight was the Mitsubishi I, the company’s new plug-in electric vehicle that it is currently accepting reservations for. The car can only travel 85 miles off a full charge, less than its competitors, however it is priced almost $5,000 less than the Nissan Leaf, bringing it just under $20,000 with federal tax incentives. The car looks tiny from the outside, however they maximized space very well on the interior. Also on display was a Tesla Roadster, the $100,000 electric sportscar with a 300 mile range. The Roadster was on display courtesy of GetARound, a new SF based car sharing program similar to Relay Rides.

If you wanted to show off your inner hippie at the workplace you could have purchase a wooden tie for a cool $24, or if you wanted to turn your roof into a garden, everything you needed was on display. For those who were hungry, Sunny Vibrations food truck was on site serving up a variety of local, organic, and vegan dishes. The food truck is partially powered by 5 solar panels on the roof.

Also, on display were two giant sculptures of fish, made from recycled materials by high school students. Everything from kites to water bottles were used to construct the pieces of art. Inside the stomachs were crumpled up plastic bags and containers, most likely to make a statement about waste ending up in the digestive tract of marine life. Check out some pictures of the event below.

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